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SKY Secondary School is a BC Ministry of Education and Child Care certified independent school based in Langley that is committed to providing an exceptional graduation program for Grades 10-12 in a safe and inclusive learning environment. Our academic focused education program is designed for smaller group learning, ensuring a maximum of 16 students per class. This allows us to focus on each student's unique needs, fostering academic success and preparing them for acceptance to prestigious universities.


At SKY Secondary, we believe in the power of small classes to create an atmosphere of collaboration and engagement. With consistent feedback and encouragement, our dedicated team of BC Certified School Teachers guides students through the BC Curriculum utilizing individualized lesson plans suited to each student’s needs to successfully complete the requirements of the Dogwood Diploma. The BC Dogwood Diploma is recognized by post-secondary institutions around the world, enabling SKY Secondary graduates to apply to any English-speaking university of post-secondary school study.

Beyond aiming for academic success and university acceptance, SKY Secondary is dedicated to preparing students for life beyond high school. Our holistic approach focuses on equipping students with the skills, knowledge and values needed to successfully navigate and overcome challenges of the real world after graduation.


SKY Secondary School creates a safe and inclusive learning environment that offers students ample support tailored to their needs through education designed for smaller group settings. We uphold traditional values and inspire our students toward academic excellence.


SKY Secondary School is dedicated to crafting a vibrant learning environment where students can connect, collaborate and contribute to their community in meaningful ways. We are committed to not only academic success but also to fostering leadership skills, ensuring our students feel empowered and prepared for an ever-changing society. Through robust academic support and a nurturing atmosphere conducive to personal growth, we guide our students toward remarkable achievements.


Seek knowledge and righteousness

Keep the values of integrity, compassion and respect


Yearn for lifetime of learning and development




SKY Secondary School is dedicated to ensuring the safety, security and physical and mental well-being of all members of the school community. Our Emergency Preparedness Plan can be found in the SKY Secondary School Policy Book under Emergency Management Policy.

SKY Secondary School aligns its School Policies, Regulations and Procedures with the BC Ministry of Education and the Federation of Independent Schools Association's (FISA) recommendations. SKY Secondary School’s Policy Book is available in the school office upon request.

SKY Secondary School complies with the bonding requirements as set out in sections 12-17 of the Independent School Regulation under the Independent School Act.



SKY Secondary has an excellent facility situated in scenic and peaceful Langley, British Columbia, offering a conducive environment for learning and personal development. Our facility features spacious classrooms, a full-sized gymnasium and is well-suited to accommodate numerous extracurricular activities. It provides a welcoming and nurturing setting for students to thrive academically and socially in a safe community.




Located close to key amenities such as R.C. Garnett Park, James Anderson Park and Muriel Arnason Library in the Township of Langley Civic Facility, our facility enables students to obtain a comprehensive learning experience.

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